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LashBox LA gives you the ability to meet the fantastic world of eyelashes through an one day basic training seminar on the One by One technique for eyelash extensions. During the training you will learn all the secrets on lash placement from our experienced trainer who is going to aid you in your first steps in the field. The seminar includes a theoretical part and practical part.

The seminar starts with the theoretical part. When the theoretical part is complete, you will be taking a break to enjoy the lunch we provide. The evening is dedicated to the practical part of your education, where all the trainees have the ability to start applying lashes on a doll head and then on a real model.

The theoretical part covers:

  1. Where do fake lashes come from
  2. What are fake lashes
  3. Benefits of fake lash application
  4. Testing for possible allergic reactions and most common inflammations
  5. Natural lash growth cycles
  6. Glues and their composition
  7. Hygiene and Safety
  8. Eye Shapes
  9. Importance of separation before application
  10. How to glue extensions
  11. Step by step on lash application
  12. Creating different looks
  13. Fake lash removal
  14. Filling Treatment
  15. How to clean eyelashes
  16. Troubleshooting
  17. Products and how to choose from amongst them


The price includes a kit worth 224.00 €, which contains:

  1. JL Gold Tweezer
  2. Standard Left Tweezer
  3. Lash Tray
  4. Glue Tray
  5. Adhesive Opening Act 5 ml
  6. Foam Tape
  7. Premium Hydrogel Eyepatch Kit
  8. Primer
  9. Micro Tip Professional Lint Free Microswabs
  10. Lashes mix 0.15 mm C
  11. Lashes mix 0.15 mm D
  12. Mascara Brushes


Included are:

  • Book containing the theoretical part with tips & tricks included
  • 20% discount for your first order


When you complete your seminar, you will receive a LashBox LA Certification. Our seminars provide a relaxed and friendly environment. We try to give more emphasis on each trainee individually.

By purchasing this class you confirm all Training Policy terms.

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One by One

One by One